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Multi-head machine

Κεφαλές μουρελομηχανής
Six glazing heads which with their retrogression, which we define by the
central control panel (touch screen) with degrees, form the smoothing
of the marble according to the quantity we defined.
The thickness of the marble is regulated from 1 to 6cm.





The new automatic multi-head Multi-head machine of the company A. Elenis - K. Andrianopoulos & Sia O.E. consists of 6 glazing heads, 2 or 4 (optionally) heads that create an angle 45o and 1 another head for groove-flue - for marbles in upright arrangement or formation.

The machine has got the possibility to select the distance of the length of the marble (e.g. Distance of the fid 1000mm and the opposite that is to say, distance without fid 1000mm.)

The heads 2 or 4 (optionally) create an angle 45 deegres up and down from the centre of the marble correspondingly securing in this way the chamfer of the angles and their smoothing.

ποταμός μουρελομηχανή

With this glazing head we can succeed the groove -flue that we desire, substraction of a section of the marble (for marbles in upright arrangement).

At this glazing head there is the possibility of placing a modulator disc and anti-slipping device for the steps.

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