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Biological cleaning

Αυτόματη μηχανή κοπής τύπου γέφυρας
The mud is pumped through a submerged pump automatically from the tank of waste water where
the level is also controlled automatically in a special metallic construction where at the same time the sediment flows, which helps in the mud slump.

The system has the possibility of water and mud treatment without maintainance expenses.
The advantage is that from the moment that the working cycle is completed you will receive:
1) Clear water with low working cost and ready to be re-used
2) The mud goes in special sacks, and afterthe drying of the mud, the sacks are removed.

Αυτόματη μηχανή κοπής τύπου γέφυρας
The metallic construction is fully automatic and has level control.

Αυτόματη μηχανή κοπής τύπου γέφυρας
Τhe number of the special sacks for the mud dehydration
can be 4, 6, 8. That depends on the existed needs.

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